Norco range 2015

Looking for specs or geometry on an older Norco model? Front Travel, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm.

Rear Travel, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm, 160mm. Fall in love with city riding on the Norco Heart.

Price Match + Free Click Collect home delivery. The Range uses Norco’s take on a Horst Link, four bar linkage, with the rearmost pivot located. How does the carbon version of Norco’s high-end enduro bike compare to its aluminium counterpart?

The Range Killer B is designed for aggressive, wide-open riding. Featuring category-bending capability, the . Všechny informace o produktu Jízdní kolo Norco Range C 7. Come take for a test ride at our Highlands location . I’ve been doing a ton of research lately and have ridden a couple bikes, and I finally think I’m ready to make a purchase. Fahrstil“ optimiert sein, aber auch auf mehrtägigen .